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Optimization of LDPC Codes in Cooperative Relay Systems in Mobile Telephony

Abstract - Cooperative communication is a kind of virtual MIMO communication. This technique has attracted the attention of the scientific community in recent years because of the many advantages it provides. Several studies have shown that this communication technique has better performance compared to conventional techniques. Among the most recent, the use of LDPC codes with jayakody et al and Amzi et al have shown that these codes can achieve a remarkable BER efficiency. In this work we propose a new approach (decomposition) of the use of LDPC codes at the relay level. We have studied and evaluated the performance of relay cooperative networks using AF or DF for transmissions. We considered the case where LDPC codes are used at the relay level to increase the reliability of communication. Thus we can say that this work has highlighted the performance of LDPC codes in cooperative relay systems in mobile telephony. We will also present the performances of our method. Keywords - Cooperative Communication; Network Coding; LDPC Codes