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Luminescence Lifetime Measurement on Gaas Material for Optoelectronic Devices

The paper presents the lifetime measurement on GaAs material for optoelectronic devices. The energy dispersion of GaAs is considered for analyzing the material characteristics and Fermi-dirac function for that material for performance evaluation for optoelectronic devices. And then we investigated the energy bandgap of GaAs, Si, and Geas a function of temperature for confirmation. The lifetime measurements for GaAs material with 2.32-2.42eV with 267nm and 400nm wavelength and 2.53-2.63eV with 267nm and 400nm wavelength with time-resolved photoluminescence measurement with the help of MATLAB are analyzed in this paper. The simulation results have been confirmed by the experimental results for measurements. Index terms - Lifetime Measurement, GaAs Material, Optoelectronic Devices, MATLAB, Band Structure Engineering, Fermi-Dirac Function.