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Design of IoT-based Water Measurement Data Transmission Model using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Communication Technology

Domestic and overseas water resource management and supply and demand systems are maintained as integrated management systems, which are not IoT based systems, so that citizens cannot participate in water supply in regions and predictive information cannot be provided. Therefore, a problem in the systems that limited technologies are maintained so that integrated information according to water management system infrastructures cannot be identified bilaterally is presented. In the contemporary society preparing for the 4th industrial revolution based on hyper-connected society, the convergence of smart water grids and IoT based water management systems can be applied as a keyword that can suggest a new paradigm in the water resource field. Therefore, to solve these problems, this study will present a transmission model design that will efficiently transmit measurement data accumulated in diverse environments utilizing the low power Bluetooth sensing technology to enable water management systems to identify the data in real time with analytical monitoring. Index Terms - Water resource, Big Data, Internet of Things, Bluetooth Low Energy, Smart Water Grid.